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Jul 16, 2020 / PPS Ford

What are the problems that the car owner faces during the rainy season?

Author PPS Ford

The rainy season is here and many car owners are aware of the fact that it is very difficult to maintain the car during the rainy season as rains can have a very bad effect on your car’s body.

Rain and wet driving conditions will affect parts of the vehicle very differently from warm climatic conditions. It’s time that we take extra care of our car to avoid premature aging and unexpected damages. We should also be very careful while driving the car on the streets during the rainy season as Indian roads are not made to tackle heavy rainfall.

During the rainy season, the containment’s in the rainwater, mud, slush, and dirt can cause damage to your car. If you do not clean your car regularly then after some time these elements would form a thick layer of dirt and can result in rust, electrical issues and can also deteriorate the internal body parts of your vehicle. These days most vehicles come with anti-corrosion treatment as standard. But there are still many car manufacturers who do not offer it as standard.

It has generally been noticed that a majority of car accidents in India happen during the rainy season. The reasons could be water clogging on the roads, poor driving skills in the monsoon, heavy traffic jams, loss in braking effectiveness, poor visibility, badly maintained car, poor condition of roads like slippery road surface, development of more potholes, and a whole host of different issues.

To avoid any accidents during this monsoon, you should improve your driving skills, drive the vehicle at slow speeds especially on flooded roads, turn on the lights, time to time servicing of the car, and also maintain a safe distance between vehicles on the roads.

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