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Oct 24, 2019 / The Ford EcoSport

The Latest offers on Ford Eco Sport, this Diwali.

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The Ford EcoSport is a subcompact crossover SUV, originally built in Brazil by Ford Brazil since 2003 and has been around for a while with comprehensive update only in 2017 

With its revised styling, redone cabin and a new petrol engine, the new Ford EcoSport is designed to add more fun, more thrill and more style to your life and a new perspective on technology and comfort. 

The Ford EcoSport has a youthful air with a sporty vibe to the cabin. It’s particularly nice to see how solidly everything feels put together. With the bold exterior design, the Ford EcoSport always looks like it’s ready for the action. And yes, it knows how to turn heads. 

Ford Ecosport On Road Bangalore

The Ford EcoSport is available in petrol-manual, petrol-auto and diesel-manual forms, including a sporty turbo-petrol variant. Every inch of the Ford Eco sport is built to make your every drive a fun filled one. 

The 125 PS Power Eco boost engine has won the ‘International Engine of The Year’ for 6 years in a row. the turbocharged 1.0l EcoBoost petrol engine ensures a perfect combination of fuel economy and power. 

With its breakthrough technology offering, the Ford EcoSport seeks to change the game. The state -of-the art-tech is visible in all the facets of the car - 6 airbags and other safety features. Give your family the protection it deserves. 

The Ford EcoSport makes every load manageable, but never at the cost of your comfort. EcoSport adapts to your life to make your drive, fun drive. 

Ford EcoSport Thunder Interior Image

Buyers looking for a sportier experience will like the EcoSport S which is powered by the high-tech 125hp, 1.0-litre EcoBoost turbo-petrol engine. As for the diesel, Ford’s 100hp, 1.5-litre engine works well on the EcoSport. It’s not the quietest engine but the linear power delivery makes it an easy one to live with. 

Ford Ecosport Exterior Style
With multiple versions on offer, it can be hard to pick the right EcoSport. Make sure you visit nearest Ford showroom in Vizag for more details. 

variants Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power Ex-Showroom Price 
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5 DIESEL AMBIENTE, Diesel Manual 1498 CC 23.0 KM/L 98.96 BHP ? 8,31,000 * 
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5 DIESEL TREND, Diesel Manual 1498 CC 23.0 KM/L 98.96 BHP ? 9,11,000 * 
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5 DIESEL TREND PLUS, Diesel Manual 1498 CC 23.0 KM/L 98.96 BHP ? 9.55 Lakh * 
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5 DIESEL TITANIUM, Diesel Manual 1498 CC 23.0 KM/L 98.96 BHP ? 9,90,000 * 
FORD ECOSPORT SIGNATURE EDITION DIESEL, Diesel Manual 1498 CC 23.0 KM/L 98.96 BHP ? 10,80,000 * 
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5 DIESEL TITANIUM PLUS, Diesel Manual 1498 CC 23.0 KM/L 98.96 BHP ? 10,80,000 * 
FORD ECOSPORT S DIESEL, Diesel Manual 1498 CC 23.0 KM/L 98.63 BHP ? 11,35,000 * 
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5 PETROL AMBIENTE, Petrol Manual 1497 CC 17.0 KM/L 121.36 BHP ? 7,81,000 * 
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5 PETROL TREND, Petrol Manual 1497 CC 17.0 KM/L 121.36 BHP ? 8,61,000 * 
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5 PETROL TITANIUM, Petrol Manual 1497 CC 17.0 KM/L 121.36 BHP ? 9,40,000 * 
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5 PETROL TREND PLUS AT, Petrol Automatic 1497 CC 14.8 KM/L 121.36 BHP ? 9.75 Lakh * 
FORD ECOSPORT SIGNATURE EDITION PETROL, Petrol Manual 1497 CC 17.0 KM/L 121.36 BHP ? 10,30,000 * 
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5 PETROL TITANIUM PLUS MT, Petrol Manual 1497 CC 17.0 KM/L 121.36 BHP ? 10,30,000 
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5 PETROL TITANIUM PLUS AT, Petrol Automatic 1497 CC 14.8 KM/L 121.36 BHP ? 11,20,000 * 
FORD ECOSPORT S PETROL, Petrol Manual 999 CC 18.1 KM/L 123.24 BHP ? 10,85,000 * 


Test drive the new Ford Eco Sport at your nearest PPS Ford Vizag, an authorized Ford dealer in Vizag and choose the car that best suits your needs. 

This Diwali, you can also save up to Rs.72,400/- on the Ford Eco Sport and avail other exciting offers at the PPS Ford Showroom in Vizag. 

Ford Ecosport Diwali offer - PPS Ford Vizag 

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