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Our most capable SUV

A capable SUV ready to take on any adventure. The New Ford Endeavour lets you take total control, irrespective of the terrain. Whether it’s sand, snow/mud or rock, you can confidently tackle any track, trail or mountain.


Advanced sensor technologies are designed to make the New Ford Endeavour intuitive to your needs. So this SUV may be big, but it’s effortless to park, as Semi Auto Parallel Park Assist steers it in for you.


The power to take you there and beyond. With 200PS (147kW) power, our 3.2l TDCi diesel engine is the driving force behind the New Ford Endeavour’s mighty pickup for hill climb. At the same time, its impressive fuel economy helps you save money.


No matter how tough it looks on the outside, the 7-seater New Ford Endeavour is all about comfort and leisure on the inside with leather upholstery and an Electric Panoramic Sunroof.

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