Starting Price:

₹ 804000

Mileage as per ARAI







Class Defying Features of The Ford EcoSport

Ford Ecosport is packed with fun, thrill, style and awesome features to make every drive an absolute delight. Experience the latest technology, unrivaled comfort, and the environment-friendly BS-VI compliant engine. What’s more, set out on an excursion that drives you to find more in you.

Ford Ecosport

Ford Ecosport Thunder

Features & Specifications

Ford Ecosport Exterior Style


Every inch of Ford EcoSport is intended to help you more and give you more comfort and also to make your drive a thrilling one.

1.5l Ti-VCT Petrol Engine

Ford’s incredible new engine, with BS-VI compliance, is intended to convey unrivaled performance on every street. It provides power at 122PS (90kW) and torque numbers of 149 Nm, and the three-cylinder engine puts enjoyment on your side.

1.5l TDCi Diesel Engine

The super-refined 1.5l TDCi diesel engine, with BS-VI compliance, provides superior power at 100PS (73.80kW) and a noteworthy mileage of 21.7 km/l would take you places with greater ease.

6-Speed AT with Paddle Shift

Switching gears is simpler than ever in EcoSport. The paddle-shift lever, right on the steering wheel, would let you make the most out of EcoSport’s 6-Speed Automatic Transmission.

Cruise Control with Adjustable Speed Limiter Device

Want to go for a long drive? No problem. Simply set your top speed on Cruise Control with Adjustable Speed Limiter Device, and EcoSport will ensure it maintains your speed for you; simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


With the attractive exterior design the Ford EcoSport always looks like it is prepared for the action. And truly, it knows how to make the turn heads.

Stunning Grille Design
A stunning all-black matte grille is the most attractive feature in the Ford Ecosport.

Bold HID Headlamps
Light up the path in style. These superior HID lights guarantee better visibility.

Roll in Style
Go big, be bold and make your presence felt when you take to the street with the newly designed alloy wheels that are both light and extra strong.
Stylish Interiors
The cabin of the Ford Ecosport accompanies with alluring interiors. It is a perfect blend of comfort, style, and spaciousness. It is simply a cut above others.

Ford Ecosport
PPS Ford Ecosport Airbags


The 6 airbags and other safety features in the EcoSport would protect the occupants from striking to the hard surfaces like the dashboard, etc during an impact and gives your family the protection it deserves.

Superior Build
Amazingly power-packed with superior build to take you all the way, at all times.

Emergency Assistance
Emergency assistance is provided in case of a car accident or any emergency; as it would automatically call emergency services for you.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) balance the brake power between the front and back wheels. This would help you to get a better grip on the road so that you can enjoy a smooth ride.

Electric Stability Control & Hill Launch Assist

Ford MyKey®
Ford MyKey® Technology provides an additional component of safety by permitting the drivers to set speed alerts, activate a seat belt reminder, limit the car’s top speed as well as the audio volume.


With its revolutionary technological offering, the Ford Ecosport tries to change the game. The state-of-the-art-technology is visible in all the features of the car.
Next-Level Connectivity with SYNC® 3
The improved SYNC®3 system in Ford EcoSport offers the best in connectivity, information and entertainment. The touch-screen is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Automatic Headlamps
At the point when the daylight begins to wane, the EcoSport headlamps would automatically turn on and shine, so you never lose sight of where you are going.

Rain-Sensing Wiper
Whether it rains or simply drizzle, as soon as it begins, the windscreen wipers will automatically operate, so that you can see the street ahead.

Climate Control
You might not be able to control the climate, yet you certainly can control the temperature inside your car. With EcoSport, the ideal cabin temperature is just a simple voice command away.

PPS Ford Ecosport Technology
Ford Ecosport Comfort and Convenience

Comfort and Convenience

The Ford EcoSport would make every load manageable, but never at the expense of your solace. EcoSport adjusts to your life to make your drive, fun ride.

Auto-Dimming Mirror
Do you find yourself blinded by tailgaters deterring your view? The Electrochromic innovation in EcoSport’s rear-view mirror darkens automatically at night time in response to headlights; diminishing glare and makes the night drives more pleasant and safe.

Central Console and Rear Armrest
Gone are the days when armrests just filled one need. In the Ford EcoSport, the center console features an armrest with storage space. Pull the cover and it uncovers an integrated storage bin where you can comfortably pack things away. There is a retractable armrest with cup holders in the backseat as well!

Power Fold Mirrors With Puddle Lamps
Style meets purpose in the Ford EcoSport. The Power Fold Mirrors that fold in would enable the car to fit into slender spaces. The Puddle lamps would automatically light up when you open the door and makes sure that you never step into puddles, even by mistake.

Multicolour Footwell Ambient Lighting
Your EcoSport is always prepared to accommodate your disposition. Now you can easily pick the correct accent color that suits your mood, and off you go!

Ford EcoSport Models

ford ecosport bs6 new models
1.5l Petrol S MT

Starting Price : ₹ 1108000
Fuel Economy: 15.9 km/l

ford ecosport bs6 new models
1.5l Petrol Ambiente MT

Starting Price : ₹ 804000
Fuel Economy: 15.9 km/l

ford ecosport bs6 new models
1.5l Petrol Trend MT

Starting Price : ₹ 884000
Fuel Economy: 15.9 km/l

ford ecosport bs6 new models
1.5l Petrol Titanium MT

Starting Price : ₹ 963000
Fuel Economy: 15.9 km/l

ford ecosport bs6 new models
1.5l Petrol Titanium+ MT

Starting Price : ₹ 1053000
Fuel Economy: 15.9 km/l

ford ecosport bs6 new models
1.5l Petrol Titanium+ AT

Starting Price : ₹ 1143000
Fuel Economy: 14.7 km/l

ford ecosport bs6 new models
1.5l Diesel Ambiente MT

Starting Price : ₹ 854000
Fuel Economy: 21.7 km/l

ford ecosport bs6 new models
1.5l Diesel Trend MT

Starting Price : ₹ 934000
Fuel Economy: 21.7 km/l

ford ecosport bs6 new models
1.5l Diesel Titanium MT

Starting Price : ₹ 1013000
Fuel Economy: 21.7 km/l

ford ecosport bs6 new models
1.5l Diesel Titanium+ MT

Starting Price : ₹ 1103000
Fuel Economy: 21.7 km/l

ford ecosport new models
1.5l Petrol Thunder MT

Starting Price : ₹ 1060262
Fuel Economy: 15.9 km/l

ford ecosport new models
1.5l Diesel Thunder MT

Starting Price : ₹ 1103000
Fuel Economy: 21.7 km/l

ford ecosport bs6 new models
1.5l Diesel S MT

Starting Price : ₹ 1166840
Fuel Economy: 21.7 km/l